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Lego Curriculum Ideas – All Subject Areas

Integrating Lego into Grade 6 Math Curriculum

Integrating Lego into K-5 Math Curriculum

Lego Curriculum Ideas – Design Briefs for a Variety of Challenges

Use Legos to Study Newton’s Third Law of Motion (downloadable pdf)

Weird Richard’s Lego Lessons

RoboTrek Webquest

J and J's Robotics Page

Lego Engineering

Invent & Investigate Lessons written for Robolab


Drive our MARS Rover


Elementary and Middle Schools – Lego Projects

Blake School Lego Projects

Vina Danks Middle School Lego and Microworlds Projects

Davis Creek Elementary Lego Projects

Mueller Elementary School - Wichita, KS

Curtis Middle School - Wichita, KS

Robinson Middle School - Wichita, KS

Hadley Middle School - Wichita, KS

North High School - Wichita, KS

Wichita State University



Introduction to Gears including Activities matched to Standards

Fundamentals of Lego Lengths and Gears

Lego GearTrains

The Science of Gears: Meshing Around

Lego Dacta Student Activity Sheets (Gears) and Teacher Guides


Lego Geometry
Lego Pieces and Names

Observations on Lego Geometry

Lego On My Mind Geometry

Understanding Lego Geometry

Mathematical Lego Sculptures

Lego Hobermann Sphere

Guide to LEGO™ Geometry

Geometry/Lunar Lego Living: using geometry to design moon coloni

Fundamentals of Lego Lengths and Gears

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MindStorms RCX Sensor Input Page

Lego Mindstorsm compatible Devices

Toying with Technology

FLL – Practice documentation

Lego clocks

Lego Designer

Online Constructopedia

Technical drawing examples

Peaucellier Linkage
Converts rotation motion to linear motion

Sample 6th Grade curriculum ideas

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