Professional Level: Hulk Rampage

Created by: WSU Engineering Council

Engineering Council

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The military is holding Eric Bana in a dark and gloomy containment center for observation. He starts to get angry with all the poking and prodding and starts to transform into the Hulk. He grows in strength and charges through the containment center and out into the city. The military scrambles fighter jets and the National Guard is put on alert. Word of the Hulk’s breakout spreads throughout the city like fire and people flee to take cover in the basements of their homes. The Hulk charges towards a parking lot full of vehicles from the military instillation. He discovers the base commander’s car and flings it towards the base and the army personnel making them run for cover. He then proceeds to find a Hummer and throws it at a passing jet to scare the pilot off. He searches the parking lot and sets his eye on a M1A2 Abrams tank. The Hulk picks it up by the barrel as the army personnel around it scatter. He swings it around and throws it at the general’s car, compacting what was left. Finally the Hulk has expelled enough rage and transforms back into his human form. Eric Bana walks away and heads for home leaving the city in chaotic fear.

Description: NEW! Updated 1/21/05
This year we have decided to divide our course into three parts. The first part consists of “Hulk” or the robot breaking through a wall of sponges. The sponge wall will consist of 4 blocks of sponges. The second part consists of making it from the wall of sponges to the point where the line splits off into three lines heading in different directions. The team will receive 100 points for completing this section. The third part consists of taking three weights of varying size and lifting or pushing them off of a pedestal and moving the weights off the elevated platform (not the pedestal). The platform is defined by the entire white surface of the course. Moving the weights off the platform can be done by pushing or carrying the weights and dropping them off any of the sides of the platform. The main requirement to receive full points is to get the weights of the platform. Each team will earn 50 points for knocking the plane off the center pedestal and an additional 150 points for getting the plane off the platform. Each team will earn 75 points for knocking the tank weight off the left pedestal and an additional 175 points for getting the tank off the platform. Each team will earn 100 points for knocking the monster truck off the right pedestal and an additional 200 points for getting the monster truck off the platform.

Bill of Materials:

Scoring Table:  NEW! Updated 1/21/05



Contact the wall


Breaking through the wall


Getting the robot from the wall to the point where the three lines meet


Knocking the airplane off the pedestal


Pushing the airplane off the platform


Knocking the tank off the pedestal


Pushing the tank off the platform


Knocking the monster truck off the pedestal


Pushing the monster truck off the platform





Total = 1000


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Top View of Course Front & Side View of Course

Isometric View of Course


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