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Topic: Nutrition

Grade Level: Second Grade  

District Health Standard: The student will use the food pyramid to make healthy choices for meals and snacks.  

Lesson Summary: After reading and sharing the textbook information, the student will be able to identify the categories of the Food Pyramid.

Textbook Connections:  
Health, McGraw Hill Health Second Grade Nutrition Chapter 5 pg.39 - 51  

McGraw-Hill Web-Linked Activities

Materials: Teacher Textbook, Student Edition, Food Pyramid Poster, Computer with Internet Connection, Worksheets provided on-line, Plastic food items or picture food cards,

Technology: Internet  access

Instructional Input: 
1.  Show students a Food Pyramid Poster and discuss the food groups.  Pass out food items or picture cards and invite students to place foods in the correct categories.

2.   Identify the parts of a food pyramid
Food Pyramid 

       bread and grain group

       vegetable group

       fruit group

       milk and cheese group

       meat and fish group

       fats, oils, and sweets 

3.  Complete a KWLH chart (What I Know, What I Want to Know, What I Learned, How I will use what I learned) as you progress through the unit.  

4.  Introduce vocabulary and discuss understanding of words.   Read and discuss the text.  Add to the KWLH chart.  Read the Link Story on Web Quest and link to the activities to enhance and reinforce objectives.

5.  Vocabulary: Food group, fruit, vegetable, milk, meal, bread

6.  Complete the worksheet and puzzle.     

WebQuest:  Time to Eat

medium PDF 
iconClick here for the Pizza Worksheet

medium PDF 
iconClick here for the Word Search


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Connected Stories or Books:
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Judy Barrett

Pancakes, Pancakes Eric Carle
Stone Soup Steven Kellogg

Authors: Shonda Haught, Jerry Drinnen, Shawn Henderson, and Neva Sedorcek.

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