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Topic: Nutrition

Grade Level: 1st

District Health Standard: Develop an understanding of the Food Pyramid   

Lesson Summary: Students will develop an understanding of the Food Pyramid through Identification of five food groups and a healthy meal.  

Textbook Connections: Balanced Meals: Lesson 18 -19 pg. 44-47
McGraw-Hill Web-Linked Activities

Materials: McGraw - Hill Health Book, pictures of foods from magazines 

Technology: Access to the Internet  

Instructional Input: 

1. Review vocabulary words - food groups, meat, milk, fruits, vegetables, fats (extras)

2. Read Chapter 18 & 19 with students.

3. Direct students to Food Pyramid story with activities and assessment.

WebQuest:   Food Pyramid 

medium PDF 
iconNutrition Worksheet.

[Word document]Nutrition Worksheet

medium PDF 
iconNutrition  Assessment

[Word document]Nutrition Assessment


Dairy Council of CA-Activities-Food Pyramid Game

Dairy Council of CA-Activities-Make Your Very Own Pizza 

Dairy Council of CA-Activities-BreakFAST & Jump To It

Sunkist Game_5_index

Reading Text Connections:
The Little Red Hen

Math Text Connections:
Chapter 8 - Geometry

Connected Stories or Books: 
The Very Hungry Caterpillar
, Carle
Bread and Jam for Frances, Hoban
Bread, Bread, Bread
Gregory, The Terrible Eater

Authors: Michelle Foster, Donna Feeler, and Cristina Norton

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