Project M3

PDS Block II Intern Survey

Instructions:  We are very interested in how the PDS program is working for WSU interns.  As a part of this process we would be pleased if you would complete this survey.


Please indicate your answer according to the following key:

XD Strongly Disagree

D Disagree

SD Slightly Disagree

SA Slightly Agree

A Agree

XA Strongly Agree

DK Don't Know

Your Name:

Your Supervisor:

1.  I support the PDS Project.

XD   SD  SA  A   XA   DK

2.  I feel positive enough about the PDS to encourage other WSU students to become involved.

XD   SD  SA  A   XA   DK

3.  The PDS is a worthwhile project.

XD   SD  SA  A   XA   DK

4.  The children who attend the HIP complex are benefiting from the PDS.  More children are learning more.

XD   SD  SA  A   XA   DK

5.  I personally have benefited from my involvement in the PDS.

XD   SD  SA  A   XA   DK


Thank you for your time.


College Of Education

1845 Fairmount
Wichita, KS 67260-0028