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The pages found here are models being developed to show instructional and administrative uses of handheld computers in the educational environment.


Handheld Computers in the College of Education

In response to a growing popularity with the use of handhelds or Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), the College has added a set of Handspring PDA’s and accessories to the resources available for instruction. This semester, the COE Tech Lab (with funding from Project M3) has expanded to include a PDA lab for checkout to faculty and staff. In addition to 14 Handspring Visor Deluxes, peripherals (portable keyboards, B&W and color digital cameras, voice recorder, and scientific sensors) have been purchased. Technology staff members have compiled a CD of PDA resources for faculty and student support.

The graduate-level Handheld Computer workshop was added a year ago and continues to be popular. The curricular emphasis is shifting from a how-to clinic to exploring the integration of PDAs into the classroom, although hands-on instruction will always be a major component of the workshop.

Handhelds in education are demonstrated in Block 2, and students are encouraged to use them to prepare presentations. The handhelds are available to the students on a restricted basis to complete the presentation.

The departments of Communicative Disorders & Science and Kinesiology & Sport Science have also acquired a number of handhelds for data collection and research.

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