B.U.G. Group Meeting - On-line Forms 

1. When your PDA won't "Sync", you should try the following:
Shake your PDA vigorously.
Repeatedly hit your PDA against the nearest, solid object.
Attempt a "soft reset" and re-sync to your desktop/laptop.

2. An easy way to save battery life on you PDA is to:
Make sure you only use your stylus when entering data.
Keep the contrast on your screen as light as possible.
Turn of the infrared function on your PDA.

3. If my PDA "crashes", I should:
Perform the "Technology Stinks!" two-step thereby allowing all
those around me to better understand my anguish.
Sob uncontrollably.
Attempt a "soft reset" and re-sync to my desktop/laptop.

4. To find out how much memory is left on my PDA,
as well as how much memory each application takes
up, I should:
Ask my PDA through the microphone on the front.
Look inside the battery compartment.
At the applications window, tap options, then info.

5. A great way to carry documents (spreadsheets
or word processor files) with your PDA is:
To print them with my printer, fold them up, and store them 
inside my PDA cover.
To copy the data and paste it into the Palm install tool.
To use the software package "Documents To Go".

6. The best way to protect the screen of my PDA is:
By writing as gently as possible with my stylus.
By Using a Q-Tip instead of my stylus.
By purchasing screen protectors.

7. The best way to protect the data on my PDA is:
To take the batteries out whenever I'm not using it.
To store my PDA in a combination-lock wall safe.
To password protect the PDA.

8. The acronym PDA stands for:
Pretty Darn Awesome
Pretty Darn Annoying
Personal Digital Assistant

9. "Freeware" is:
The newest type of dishes.
Clothes that don't cost anything.
Software that you can download and use without paying anything.

10. To beam something to another PDA user I must be:
Out of paper.
In the same building.
Right next to the person with our IR ports facing each other.


11. I am a:

12. I have attended B.U.G. meetings this academic year.

13. The B.U.G. meetings have been:

14. I have visited the B.U.G. web page times.

15. Meeting once a month is:
Not Enough     
Too much

16. Meeting at 12:45 is:
Too early     
Too late     
Just right

17. In the future, I would like to meet on:

18. My first name is .