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In learning to teach, most often we start with modeling the way we were taught and using models of instruction developed by experts similar to teaching manuals, workbooks, and lab manuals. When we ask faculty and students to integrate technology into instruction, we are asking them to do something that they themselves have never experienced. 

The underlying premise in our first technology grant, EXCITE, was that WSU faculty members would have to know and understand how technology works and can work for students. By modeling appropriate use of technology in their classrooms students would see how technology might be used. If students experienced the use of technology in classrooms, they would feel comfortable using it themselves and in classrooms when they teach. 

The first M in Project M3 is Models which includes WSU faculty and practicing teachers modeling the effective use of technology and integrated teams of curriculum and technology students and specialists developing technology integration projects for students (TIPS) or models of practice. An outgrowth of the TIPS model is the Handheld Educators Leadership Program (H.E.L.P.) where teachers are working with Wichita public school technology specialists and Project M3 to integrate handheld computers into the classroom curriculum. Preservice teachers will see models of meaningful ways technology can be used in their subjects to help students reach standards of achievement.

One of our major goals is to assist faculty members with integrating technology into teacher education courses. Project M3 has several ongoing efforts designed to assist teacher education faculty with integrating technology. 

We have created a Web interface to a databank of activities and ideas and dubbed it "Integration Assistant." We hope you will find it useful!

Another model of practice that M3 promotes is using Lego Mindstorms Robotics Inventions System to teach math, science, and technology.  Read more about our Robotics in the Classroom model.

Project M3 allows us to continue the training of WSU faculty and students and provide incentives for faculty to enhance their skills and use of technology and to share those results of their efforts. In addition, the grant provides a mechanism to develop curriculum for teacher education classes and grade level and content area groups in schools.



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