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Robotics in the Classroom

Clay Animation Made Easy

Language Arts Video Case Studies







Animated Language

Presentation by Tonya Witherspoon and Dr. Marsha Gladhart
International Reading Association (IRA) San Francisco, CA, April 2002

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Computers help children learn

  • Bridge the transition from pictures to text

  • Develop visual literacy skills

  • Discriminate and interpret action and images

  • Critical observation skills

  • Improve the quality and quantity of children’s writing (pre-writing, storyboarding, editing)

  • Encourage critical thinking (which looks better? What happens next? How do we…?)

  • Support multiple intelligences

  • Give feedback on efforts to construct meaning

  • Encourage collaboration and cooperation

  • Build problem-solving skills

  • Support project-based learning

Animated language activities

  • Develop sequencing and order concepts

  • Demonstrate spatial sense in relation to self and environment

  • Describe an object in relation to another using positional language

  • Use language effectively to describe concepts

  • Work co-operatively in small groups

  • Encourage descriptive language

  • Build observation skills

  • Require captions that say a lot with a few words

  • Encourage students to be actively engaged in constructing meaning (asking questions, researching, discussing)

  • Provide a purpose and a stage (any child can be a star!)


Animated and interactive language examples

Animated Poetry

Hadley Middle School,  Wichita, KS
Lori Schock, Computer Studies


Animated Research

Mueller Elementary,  Wichita KS,
Beth Adamson, 4/5 Grade Classroom

Animated Disasters


Illustrated Poetry

Mueller Elementary, Wichita, KS
Beth Adamson, 4/5 Grade Classroom

Illustrated Haiku

Descriptive Writing

Mueller Elementary,  Wichita, KS
Beth Adamson, 4/5 Grade Classroom

Monster Stories



Virtual Field Trips

Wichita State University, Wichita, KS
Tonya Witherspoon

Virtual Fire Station Field Trip


Virtual Tours

      Mueller Elementary, Wichita, KS
Beth Adamson, 4/5 Grade Classroom

Virtual Tour of Mueller Elementary


Clay Animation

Mueller Elementary, Wichita, KS
Marshall Dilsaver, 4/5 Grade Classroom
Beth Adamsion, 4/5 Grade Classroom

Robinson Middle School, Wichita, KS
Gail Boddy, Computer Studies







Still Frame Animation: Claymation

How to Create Clay Animation

Clay Animation

Wichita State University, Wichita, KS
Mary Sue Foster, Teacher Education/Art Methods

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Teacher Tools

Colvin Elementary, Wichita, KS
Linda Crabb,  K – 5 Technology Resource


  • Printed books

  • Calendars

  • Parent tutor materials

  • Take-home reading bags for parents

  • Video Instructions for parents on VHS tape

  • Digital books saved on CD-ROM





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