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Electronic Portfolios

University Faculty Electronic Portfolios

Preservice Teacher Electronic Portfolios

WSU Portfolio Handbook
WSU Student Samples:


Electronic Portfolios

Creating Electronic Portfolios
This section focuses on the creation and use of electronic portfolios on the Alphabet Superhighway.

Creating Electronic Portfolios in HyperStudio
Directions are given for constructing an electronic portfolio in HyperStudio.

Electronic Portfolio Resources
Electronic Portfolios (Joyce Morris)

Electronic Portfolios (Tammy Worcester)
A guide to developing portfolios and samples are provided.

Electronic Portfolios: A New Idea in Assessment.
The author defines portfolios and tells why to use them, how to do them electronically, and identifies potential problems and some solutions.

Electronic Portfolios: Students, Teachers, and Life Long Learners
A slide show on electronic portfolios.

Electronic Teaching Portfolios
Dr. Helen Barrett explains the electronic teaching portfolio.

Focus on Technology: Digital Teaching Portfolios Build, Display Talent (Clare Kilbane and Robert McNergney)

Guidelines for Portfolio Use in Initial Teacher Preparation (Valentina Klenowski)

How to Create Your Own Electronic Portfolio
Clear directions on how to design your own electronic portfolio.

National Board Portfolio Design Process
Guidelines are provided for designing the National Board portfolio.
Online Portfolios (Multiple Resources)
Portfolio Planning and Design Guide
Professional Teaching Portfolio: A Catalyst for Rethinking Education
The purpose of this paper is to briefly describe how portfolio assessment was implemented and to focus on how this process impacts faculty, students, and program development.
Sample Electronic Portfolio
Selling Yourself: Creating the Ultimate Teaching Interview Portfolio

What is a Teacher Portfolio?
This site defines a teacher portfolio in terms of purpose and contents.

What Teachers Learn from Student Self-Assessment

Sample Teaching Portfolios University Faculty

Art and Design Faculty Work

Electronic Portfolio Samples Curry School, UVa.

A Guide to the Development of Professional Portfolios in the Faculty of Education
Hewlett Portfolio Project: Faculty

Mike Barnett Indiana University Bloomington

Penn State Faculty
Sample Teaching Portfolios
Teaching Portfolios (PowerPoint)
UC Berkley
University of New York at Buffalo
University of Texas El Paso

Sample Teaching Portfolios Teacher Education Students

Central Connecticut State University Teacher Education Portfolio Guidelines

Creating a Portfolio, Office of Career Services

Creative, Instructional, and Reflective Electronic Portfolios

College of Education, University of Central Florida

Creating an Electronic Portfolio

Designing a Teaching Portfolio

Electronic Portfolios for Teacher Education

Graduate Teacher Education

Manhurst Teacher Education Portfolios

Michigan State University

Purdue University E-Portfolios

Rockhurst, Master of Education, Electronic Teacher Education Portfolios

Southwest Missouri State University
High School Portfolios

Special Education Portfolio

Teacher Portfolio Assessment

Wichita State University

Teacher Samples

Sheree Rensel, Art Educator K-12,Hamilton Disston Exceptional Center, St. Petersburg, Florida

Student Samples

Alverno College's Digital Diagnostic Portfolio
Bellamine College Student Teacher Portfolios

College of Education, University of Central Florida Student Samples

Electronic Portfolio Samples Curry School, UVa.

Hewlett Portfolio Project

Illinois State University Student Web Pages

Kalamazoo College Outstanding Portfolios

NC State Pre-service Teacher Portfolio

Olivet Student Portfolios

Penn State Students

Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts
University of Washington
Valdosta State College

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