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Why Wireless?  
With Mobility as one of the three main components of the M3 grant, wireless was an appealing networking choice.  Not only is the equipment inexpensive to purchase, it is also easy to set up.  We also recognized many benefits for the faculty and students at WSU and M3 partner schools including the following: 
  • Laptops result in better utilization of technology resources--there are fewer computers gathering dust in the back of the room.
  • Notebook computers are less obtrusive in the classroom than traditional desktop computers.

  • Technology is a tool for learning in the  classroom  instead of a supplemental subject taught in a lab.

  • Students and teachers donít waste time transitioning back and forth to a lab.

  • Teachers have all their classroom resources on-hand.

  • Laptops provide more flexibility for daily computer use.

  • Laptops mean no new furniture expenses, space requirements, cabling or electrical needs.

  • Our goal is to bring technology to the students and provide all teachers with a way to integrate technology into collaborative learning units.

  • Laptops would allow everyone in the building to share the technology by making laptops available to anyone, anywhere. 

See Wireless Resources for more information.

For more information contact: lynn.elder@wichita.edu

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