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As identified in the M3 grant, a major barrier to using technology in classrooms is the lack of mobility. Traditional computer labs and workstations, although certainly useful, can be limiting in many ways.  Proximity to a network connection, inability to move about as needed, inflexible work station arrangements, and the amount of space they occupy can make desktop computers seem like an imperfect computing solution.  

An ideal situation would be to have computers that are not restricted by wiring or size factors, thereby allowing instructors to integrate their computers more effectively in their projects.  Recent advances in wireless and handheld technology have made this possible.  The M3 grant provided funds to supply each partner school of the grant, and the College of Education, with their own mobile wireless cart equipped with 5 to 9 laptop computers (with wireless PC cards), and a wireless base station.

The grant also made possible a move into handheld computing, and the College of Education has acquired a handheld lab, along with portable keyboards and other peripherals.  See a description of our handheld equipment for more information.

For more information contact lynn.elder@wichita.edu


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