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Our WSU Project Mentors provide one-on-one support and training for Teacher Education faculty in the College of Education and the College of Liberal Arts.  Our mentors also provide assistance for the faculty in our partner schools and serve as models for the Gen-Y and student leadership programs our grant partners support. 

Our mentors serve in two different capacities.  Instructional mentors provide support for software and technology integration into curriculum and technical mentors provide support for hardware and troubleshooting.

We use a FileMaker Pro Database designed by Patrick Hutchison, our Database Administrator, to keep track of mentor assignments.  The database tracks information about who we've helped, what projects they've worked on, and how much time we spent mentoring.  This data is given to our evaluator for our project evaluation but is also helpful to our college as we make plans for future professional development.

Current Project Mentors 

Patrick Hutchison - Server/Database Administrator and Technical Support
Jens Lukoschat - Technical Support
Howard McIntyre - Instructional Technology Support
Derek Sorrells - Instructional Technology Support

Current Projects Include:

  • Blackboard on-line course development,

  • Webpage Development

  • USD 259 Technology Projects for Students Website (TIPS)

  • Implementation of Wireless Mobile Labs

  • Computer Wellness Clinics 

  • PowerPoint Presentations

  • Excel

  • Digital Video Editing

  • PDA's for classroom management

  • WebQuests for Internet Instruction

  • Use of scanners, digital cameras, projectors, SmartBoard, and other peripherals

  • Basic computer skills such as; E-mail, Word, Internet 

  • Integration Assistant Database


Previous Project Mentors

Our project mentors typically work for us for a year before they move into their student teaching semester and then their professional teaching careers.  We are very proud of our "graduating" students mentors and their knowledge of ISTE standards and technology integration.  They serve as technology models in the schools.

Read a letter from Zerrin Oelze, former project mentor, current 5th grade teacher at Earhart Environmental Magnet.

Brandi Hendrix
Kathy Unruh
Sandy Garrigus
Rachel Cooper
Ben Relph
Heather Brown
Cris Norton
Cory Martin
Shawn Henderson
Stephen McCullough
Brandi Biggs
Brent Ballard
Christopher Beam
Zerrin Oelze
Michele Steinbacher
Sarah Morrison
Barbara Ward



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