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Brief description of Project M3

In June 2000, Project M3 received a three year implementation grant for $1,134.394.00  from the U.S. Department of Education’s Preparing Tomorrow’s Teachers to Use Technology Grant Program to develop technologically astute and competent teacher education graduates who are capable of integrating technology in their school settings into their curriculum to improve the teaching and learning of their students. Over the duration of the grant, Project M3 will receive over $1, 232,771 from non-federal sources.

These funds are used to support Project M3 activities so that pre-service teachers see models of meaningful ways technology can be used in their subjects to help students reach standards of achievement. Project M3 provides  mentors who know and understand technology and who are using technology effectively. And finally, Project M3 provides mobile technology for classroom and instructional use, Project M3 uses wireless technology, mobile carts of laptop computers, and personal digital assistants to bring technology to students rather than students to technology.

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 Contact Us:
Dr. Marsha Gladhart
Project Co-Director
Wichita State University
College Of Education

1845 Fairmount, Box 131
Wichita, KS 67260-0131
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