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Students learn best when they are actively
involved in creating their learning!

Stop Motion Action! 2006
Clay Animation Summer Camp For Kids

This camp will provide the opportunity for youth to explore animation, sculpting, visual literacy, and multimedia concepts while working in small, collaborative teams of kids their own age led by a teacher who will guide their exploration and discovery. Each team will brainstorm an idea, create a storyboard and script, sculpt clay puppets, build scenery, and design special effects while shooting and editing a stop-motion animation movie. The week will end with an Animation Theater where students will share what they’ve learned and their final Clay Animated Movies will be debuted!

All sculpting equipment, art supplies, digital cameras, and computer technology will be provided by ESSDACK. Each student will sculpt their own clay puppet and work
in a team to create an original clay animated movie.

Location: ESSDACK at the Hutchinson Mall, 1500 E. 11th Ave, Hutchinson, KS
Phone: (620) 663-9566
Cost: $75.00
Dates: June 19 - 23, 2006
Times: 12:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Target Audience: Students 4th - 12th grades

Download an informational brochure and registration form (PDF file)

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Teachers:  Download a brochure to register for the
Clay Animation in the Classroom workshop.
WSU graduate credit available upon completing this workshop.

Creating a clay animation movie allows students to use their artistic and creative talents while using clay and technology to communicate and tell a story.

Clay animation appeals to multiple intelligences and a broad variety of learners.

Language skills are engaged while brainstorming and writing the script and storyboard.

Mathematical, logical, and spatial skills are used in organizing the project, sequencing the frames, and using digital photography and video editing technology.

Creativity is encouraged when students sculpt clay characters, draw and paint sets, and animate their stories.

Collaboration skills are practiced when students work together to produce a clay animation project.

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